Tulsa Maid Services

House Cleaning Service in Tulsa

At DomesticAide of Tulsa, we dedicate ourselves to helping you keep your space, whether it’s your home, business, or rental property, neat, tidy, and clean!


We understand that your space is sacred and that you’re careful about who you invite into your space. Your home is where your family is. Your business is home to your clients and employees. That’s why we want you to think of us as your friends with mop and broom in hand who sincerely care about you and help to keep your space clean.


That’s why we offer the highest quality Tulsa Maid Service for your convenience! 

Residential Tulsa Maid Service

It can be hard to function in a chaotic environment. Studies have shown that a messy environment can slow production and have an overall effect on your health. Sometimes the mess can’t be helped and eventually piles up. With our Tulsa Maid Services, we can help to organize and clean your home to your standards!


We offer standard cleaning packages and housekeeping services, which are specified on your cleaning to-do list. We can also customize the cleaning to fit your individual budget, needs, and the desired frequency (monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly). The cost of the package will depend on what service you choose, the size of your home, the number of rooms you want to be cleaned, and the frequency you use our services. 

House Cleaning Service In Jenks, OK

Commercial Tulsa Maid Service

If you’re a business owner, you know how much grit and grime can accumulate on your commercial property. It’s essential that you keep your business space as clean as possible. Your business’s appearance is vital to your clients when making a first-time assessment of you and your company. Their impression of you is crucial when trying to attract new clientele. That’s why we want to help you look your best for your customers! We take on the task of cleaning your commercial property so you can focus on running your business. 

Real Estate Tulsa Maid Service

A clean home speaks volumes to buyers. If you’re thinking about listing your home or you’re a real estate agent looking to stage a home, we’re here to help! From cleaning every nook and cranny to organizing your space to give it a uniform look, we help you provide the best first impression to potential buyers. If you’re a renter and want your apartment to be as spotless as when you first moved in, give us a call. If you’ve just finished construction on a building and you want it to be tidied after the construction is complete, we can help to clean away the dust and dirt!

Tulsa Maid Service Cleaning for a Reason

We not only want to serve our clients well––we also want to serve our community. We helped to found a non-profit, Cleaning for a Reason, which serves the United States and Canada. This organization offers maid services and professional house cleanings to support women undergoing treatment for cancer. We’ve walked with so many families affected by cancer since 2009. We love giving back and supporting our communities! 

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