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We know that your space is sacred.


Your kitchen (with its well-loved pots), your closet (with that secret shoe collection), and all the other spaces that make your house your home deserve to be treated with care! Don’t think of us just as your house-cleaning service, but as your good friends who happen to come with a mop, broom, and sanitizer in-hand. One of our fundamental values is trust. At DomesticAide, we want you to trust us when we come into your home to clean, and we want to trust you with our amazing staff. Homes are for family, and we are honored to be invited to come in (even to clean them!). At DomesticAide, we aren’t kidding when we say this is a friendship.


Not only do we want to serve our clients well, but we also want to help our community. We were part of founding a non-profit, Cleaning for a Reason, that serves the United States and Canada. This organization offers maid services and professional house cleanings to support women undergoing cancer treatment. DomesticAide has been able to walk with so many of these families since 2009, and we love supporting and giving back to our communities.


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