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I have used DomesticAide for a couple of years and could not be more pleased. The staff is prompt, reliable, honest and professional. I have used other services before and none compares to DomesticAide.

K. Abagnale

My cleanings are wonderful, beyond wonderful! I was so impressed with the office staff and cleaning crew. Everyone was so friendly, and really focused on customer service. I had used another cleaning service in the past and had been disappointed. I was amazed by what a detailed job the DomesticAide crew did! They cleaned things that I was unaware could be cleaned. My stovetop has never been this clean!

C. Cole

You all are amazing! My house is always SPOTLESS. The crew works efficiently and is so polite and friendly. I always have a great experience with the office staff too, very professional and accommodating.

E. Ramsey

With all the time I put in running my business, I don’t have time to clean my house. When I come home from the office the last thing I want to do is clean house! I want to do other things… I have to say that the DomesticAide crew that does my housekeeping is outstanding. They come in once a week and when they leave everything is clean, the sheets are changed, the laundry done, there is nothing for me to do but enjoy my home and my free time.

L. Smith

DomesticAide has been my cleaning service for over 15 years. They always do a great job and they are very dependable. My favorite day of the week is my cleaning day. I love walking into my freshly cleaned home and best of all I don’t have to do it myself.

H. Becker

It was a wonderful feeling to come home and find my house all clean & shiny. They did a great job. Thank you!


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